Interesting Insights for Your Heart:

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yoga for a healthy heart

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Call your spirit back

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Reiki, Chakras and Energy

Chakra is an ancient word, deriving from the Sanskrit language. Think of it as similar to how we view Latin today.

Translated, the word means wheel or a spinning disc. This is because, that was precisely how the visionaries and mystics of ancient times interpreted the energy in and around the human body.  We see it all the time in nature – when two or more energy systems meet, they naturally flow into a circular, swirling motion. Think of two cloud systems meeting, forming a cyclone, or where two rivers meet, the water swirls in a whirlpool effect. This even happens when you add milk or cream to your coffee! Well so it is with your chakra energy too.

Although we tend to talk chiefly about there being seven chakras, there are many more. To keep things simple though, we will concentrate on the basic seven chakras. These run the length of the spine, from the very base to the top of the skull, from there their energies flow out into your auric field.

The seven chakras starting from the base of the spine up to the top of the head are called:

•             Base or Root Chakra

•             Sacral Chakra

•             Solar Plexus Chakra

•             Heart Chakra

•             Throat Chakra

•             Third Eye Chakra

•             Crown Chakra

The chakras each take in energy and they also let it out as well – similar to how we inhale and exhale when we breathe.

Often, I also see them as funnels. Imagine taking a spinning disc and pulling it up and out (just as a pot on the potter’s wheel) so that it becomes a 3D spiralling funnel. This funnel is pure energy, fused with your own personal essence. This includes your hopes, your fears, your beliefs, even your thoughts and habits! In this way, your chakra energy links with your well – being and general health – not just on the physical level but equally on psychological, emotional, psychic and spiritual levels too.

Each of the seven chakras is connected via a wonderful network of miniature routes – your intricate lifelines, literally your life force. These meridians of energy cover the body, inside and out. The result is a magnificent matrix or unique tapestry, which is totally unique to you. This is the sort of energy a psychic will see in a psychic reading.

With all this energy, coming in and going out, it is clear that the chakras and the aura are intricately linked. As the energy centres expel outwards, they spill into the aura. Equally, the aura affects the chakras as it is from there, they draw their energy in.

When I say energy, it is not just our life force energy I refer to. The chakras act as filters, in a sponge like manner, to the other energies around us. Such energies might be those more obvious ones from our appliances and implements, such as computers and mobiles. However many more are not so obvious such as the energy of thoughts, feelings, even words – regardless of whether they are our own or those of other people.

Hence, the environment we find ourselves in, is incredibly important. You can no doubt relate to feeling differently when you are in the city or a built up area to you do when you are in a more natural environment, like the forest or park. Although you may not have considered it this way before, there is a definite energy linked to our thoughts, actions and words. Someone shouting abuse displays and gives off a very different energy to someone talking peacefully, singing a song or saying a prayer. It’s obvious when you think about it, away from the situation, but so easy to forget from moment to moment.

Just because we can’t readily see the energy with our own eyes, it doesn’t mean we don’t feel it. We may not be consciously aware of it but it does have a resonance and a consequence to us. Consider how you feel when you listen to different types of music, some tunes inspire you to move, some to sing loudly, some can evoke tears and memories. Your ears may hear the music but how you feel about it is interpreted elsewhere- through your meridians – your intricate network of energy.

When we work with Reiki as a form of healing, for ourselves or for others, we are channelling high vibration universal energy down into our systems, to bring balance or a much needed energy boost. Often we will direct it to a particular area or chakra, depending on what is right and relevant.

It is not uncommon for some chakras to be overactive and we may need to siphon the energy away, possibly to a weaker chakra in the system, thereby bringing balance overall.

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I’m not usually one for petitions etc but I feel in my bones that this is wrong. If you agree and live in the UK please read and sign this – follow the link below. Thank you.
If you live in Europe or know people/ family in Europe, please help circulate this message, 35 million signatures are needed-NOW!!
The EU has passed a directive that comes into full-force in April 2011: that all herbal and mineral supplements are to be banned, all teaching of alternative healing methods will be banned, and homeopathic colleges dissolved…..etc.

As of this summer it is now forbidden to sell books about using plants and minerals.

TO SIGN: Please click on the link below and scroll to the bottom of the page:

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“Things don’t change, only the way you look at them.” – Carlos Castaneda

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Your thoughts & how they affect the chemicals in your body:

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